Order of Secular Cybelians

The International Order of Secular Cybelians (Cybelians) – also known as the First Church of Female Supremacy – was founded in August 2004. The first institution of its kind anywhere in the World, it is a fast-growing movement with members in 68 different countries. In the U.S.A. there are members in 49 of the 50 States. We have a hierarchy of clergy – Female, male and transgendered.

The purpose of the Cybelian Order is to empower Women to take Their rightful place in the World. Although there have been many Womens’ Rights movements over the years, they simply have not done enough. Many Women around the globe are still held in oppression by males and treated as second-class citizens. Even in supposed first-world countries such as the United States and Britain, this oppression is still happening. We hope that by the actions of the Cybelians throughout the World we can help Women to realise that They can rise up and take control of Their own lives.

The Cybelians was also founded to create a hierarchy of Dominant Women and submissive males around the World. In this way, we have been able to make others aware of our philosophies. These clergy promote our work and help others to learn about us. Our clergy consists of Females (Priestesses), submissive males (Deacons), and Transgenders (Gallae).

Order of Secular Cybelians

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