Punished Cuckold Husbands

Ms. MacComb explains how cuckoldry can fit into a loving relationship:

I think there is a fine line that separates cuckolding (my version) from out and out cheating. In my mind cuckolding is either consensual or close enough to it so that if the husband inadvertently found out about his wife’s trysts, he would accept it on some level and they would stay married. Her may either ignore it and deny it, or yearn to become a willing participant in her affairs or whatever millions of degree’s that exist between. …

Plus the all most important thing, honesty. I guess to me cuckolding can be a beautiful addition to an otherwise stable marriage (however unconventional) but “cheating” on a more base level ruins lives. I would just hope that “adults” that are involved in cuckolding ACT like “adults” and consider all the safety and extraneous potential complications that could arise. …

Punished Cuckold Husbands

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