Oral Worship

Barbara explains her view of oral worship as a part of male submission to female dominance:

Basically the words “oral worship” mean : to worship our bodies with tongues, lips, mouths, maybe teeth ( gently ). I personally extend it as well to all male facial features such as using his nose, chin, cheek, forehead etc. !

However it NEVER includes any hands or touching, let alone groping, otherwise it wouldn’t be called “ORAL” !

Certain positions do require though that a man supports me in order to make it comfortable for me, so I usually tell my darling to e.g. support my foot or leg etc. so I can relax and enjoy his oral service without getting a cramp in my leg !

This however is NO invitation to grope, clutch or clinch my feet, ankles, legs or any other parts of my body. That’s not quite the idea and a very disrespectful way of doing it.

Oral Worship