Mistress Nahemah’s Journal

Male milking is often considered one of the most powerful means to conditioning submission in a man. Here is part of an article by Mistress Nahemah describing an approach to milking a submissive male:

CONDITIONING: Once a week, over a period of three months, the sole sexual relief for the male should be through his being “Milked.” The procedure used is aimed at allowing him only the weakest muscle contractions as he reaches orgasm. Unless the slave is properly conditioned, he is likely to seek ways to increase his pleasure during the procedure. He will begin to clench certain muscles at the proper moment, thereby having stronger contractions and a more pleasurable orgasm. To acquire the ritual items, have the slave purchase all of the “Milking Equipment” and a well-finished box for storage. The box can be a nice locking tea caddy found at furniture stores in most malls.

He should then be ordered to keep the box and its contents in a place of honor. Perhaps his Mistress would like him to maintain a votive candle burning in front of it at all times. Or, she might like him to purchase an expensive silk cloth as a cover for the box. A chair (or ceiling hook – if you like your slave suspended on tip-toes) or other place should be established as the “Milking Place.” It should be used exclusively for this procedure. You want the subject to acquire strong association with the place and the equipment. The Mistress should wear one rubber glove on her “Milking Hand, during the process. By sight and the smell of the rubber, he will mentally unite the glove with the act of having an unsatisfying orgasm. After he is fully conditioned, when he is restrained in the “Milking Place” the mere act of the Mistress placing the glove on her hand may cause him to dribble out his slime. During conditioning there should be an established “Milking Time.” This should be the same day of the week, and hour of the day. The slave’s reflexes thereby are trained by his anticipation as the time draws near. He knows what is to transpire, and learns to produce that which his Mistress expects and desires.

MILKING: At the appointed “Milking Time” the slave is instructed to prepare the “Milking Place” and to present Mistress with the box containing the “Milking Equipment.” It is important that she use these terms, strengthening his association with them, and the procedure. He is then to assume a proper kneeling position and offer the box to his Mistress. She should delay accepting it until, under questioning as to his desires, the slave states, “Please Mistress, may I be Milked?” The Mistress should then announce that it would give her great pleasure to have his slime only trickle out of his organ. “Will you assist in accomplishing that, slave?” she asks. He agrees. She then tells him that if he has a strong orgasm, she will be most displeased. He agrees to make her happy. She then takes the box from his outstretched hands. Unlocking it she removes the wrist restraints and other bindings. She hands them to the slave and orders that he go and await her at the “Milking Place.” He is to kneel there and meditate on how he will assist in seeing that the “Milking” is the type desired to bring pleasure to his Mistress, not to him. After a proper delay, the Mistress enters the “Milking Place” and secures the slave. She then applies the restrictive device (ropes or strap) to his organ.

It is important that the restriction be rather secure around the root of the organ. You want to prevent semen from flowing up his urethra as much as possible. She does not rush any of this, rather takes her time and sees that she does it the same way each time. When he is fully restrained the glove is removed from the box. Mistress does this with great respect, as if the item is to be revered. Mistress can wear some special lingerie each time she performs the “Milking.” Reverently laying the glove atop his erection, she leaves to put on her special clothing. This puts the restrained slave alone with all of the physical items for his “Milking”. He is left there for several minutes, his anticipation building the entire time. Mistress returns, dons the glove, and begins the slow methodical “Milking”.

No lubrication is used, and the glove is not allowed to slide over the organ. At the first twitch, pulsation, or other indication of approaching orgasm, she quickly removes her hand. She does not resume the almost mechanical “Milking” for a full minute. Sixty seconds is a long time when excitement is high. It is, however, necessary to wait out the full time prior to resumption. This same routine is carried out again and again, ceasing each time that there is the slightest muscle twitch observed or suspected. During the sixty seconds that the “Milking” is not taking place, the Mistress should tell the slave how well he is doing, how much pleasure she will get from his having a dribble orgasm, how displeased she will be if he has strong contractions, how he must relax and not do anything to spoil her pleasure, etc. This, in conditioning terms, is the reinforcement stage. The grand finale is a little squirt from the cock slit, followed by his slime slowly oozing out. While this is occurring Mistress should again give positive reinforcement. Tell him that what is happening is what Mistress wanted, that it gives her great pleasure, that he is a good slave to please her, that once he is fully trained (I’d avoid telling him that he is being conditioned) he will be rewarded with a full orgasm on occasion. Tell him that before he can return to having full orgasms he must be completely trained in being “Milked.” Tell him that when he reaches the stage that his being “Milked” produces consistently “deliciously unsatisfying” orgasms, Mistress will consider a reward.

Mistress Nahemah’s Journal