Domina Diary

Pinay Domina considers the distinction between beeing dominant and domineering:

Which word would best fit a domme?

I feel that I am dominant, I just don’t want to be domineering. I’ve been in a relationship where my ex BF was overbearing and domineering. He imposed a whole lot of rules that he himself couldn’t follow. I didn’t want these rules I followed them in hopes of making our relationship work but my system rejected them. For one, the rules were choking me and another, he himself was breaking the rules. Although I didn’t break the rules, I was able to bend them a little.

My concern about D/s relationship is that when the domme impose rules, would the sub break them? Is it human nature to rebel against authority? If this is the case then should I be worried over my relationship with my sub/lover?

Domina Diary

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