My latest Femdom site was established 8/30/2014.

This is an illustrated vignette F/m blog.

The prose fragments are mostly down-to-earth female domination situations and fantasies. The dominant women and submissive men almost plausible at times.

Please accept my invitation to take a look at:


F/m Photographs & Images

This is the lates iteration of my periodic roundup of some of the F/m images that I’ve scattered around the web.

F/mish fashion ads:

Female Led Images

More complete fashion editorials:


Female Domination

And Dominatrix Drawings and Paintings.

Polyfetishist’s Tumblr

I am toying in a very limited way with Tumblr. I’m not really sure what focus and shape I will give to this Tumblr blog. (It will never be as complete as my Twitter feed).

Here is the link:

Polyfetishist’s Tumblr

I have a dim impression that there is tremendous emotional investment in being ‘followed back.’ This reminds me of high school. Please follow this Tumblr only if it gives you pleasure. Not as part of a quantity fetish.

Sex Is Funny Com For Sale

SexIsFunny.Com is a domain that I lavished time on years ago. But like many it has suffered from neglect.

A decent domain neme for a sexual humor site. It is for sale.

Make me an offer. Buy me a ChromeBook and it is yours.

Sensual Sadist

I’ve periodically posted a list of the various photographic galleries of vintage female domination photographs. And a few curious F/m images. Supplemented with several art links.

I’ve decided to keep the list on an old domain that I haven’t used in several years:

Sensual Sadist